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Primary Goals:

1. To raise awareness and promote efficient irrigation technologies through Irrigation Association
best management practices.

2. To raise money for irrigation projects.

Help provide a way for villages to grow and harvest their own food through the use of irrigation.

4. Educate and train local stewards on irrigation technology and installation.

5. To advise and support other organizations interested in our irrigation projects and solutions.


'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'  Matthew 25:40

Raising Awareness:

Irrigation without Borders is committed to help raise funds to procure irrigation materials as well as supervise proper irrigation installation techniques in third and fourth world countries.
We do not believe in buckets as band-aids.  We believe in irrigation as a solution.

Irrigation and Agriculture working together;
Many times without irrigation, agriculture becomes a dream.  In third and fourth world countries when seeds are planted they are usually watered with buckets of water that are sometimes carried for miles.  This might work to feed a family, and water a garden but it will not work to feed the masses and grow significant crops. 

Irrigation can dramatically impact both food production and provide sustainable commerce in disadvantaged countries.  We want to instill, promote and give hope to our fellow brothers and sisters.

On March 13, 2011 we started our Camp H.A.I.T.I. (Haitian Agriculture Irrigation Technology Initiative) camping campaign in order to raise awareness and funds for sustainable irrigation projects in third and fourth world countries.

Haiti Irrigation Project 2012
We are proud to announce we will be putting in our first irrigation system in Haiti in the new year 2012.

We feel, if we can reach enough people who give towards these irrigation projects we will be able to reach at least one of our goals. We have viable water sources and the local manpower;  all we need now are the funds to procure the materials.

"Give a man seed and a bucket of water and he can plant a garden.  Teach him to irrigate and he can produce a crop that will not only feed himself, but his family and his community."


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